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Finally! Tim and Amanda's wedding day prequel is finally online! Scroll down to their blog entry or click here to view it! Be sure to leave your comments and let us know what you think! Congrats to the Devlin's! sg

Monday, October 18, 2010


FINALLY, again, the long awaited prequel is here!
Scott and Andrea's prequel is now online, you can see it at the link here or just scroll down to find it. Thanks everyone for all your patience as Fat Cat goes through our recent changes! Be sure to leave your comments for the bride and groom!!!! It was a great day! SG

Monday, October 04, 2010

Michel - Devlin Wedding 10-02-10

This weekend we had the fabulous privilege of spending the day with Amanda and Tim! The day started early at Eric Fisher Salon in east Wichita where the girls in the bridal party, including the couples mothers and grandmothers were in attendance, overtaking the entire upper floor of the salon in preparation of the big day! Amanda was amazing. Calm and relaxed with literally not an ounce of reservation or nerves. Everyone's hair looked amazing (of course!) and everyone was very happy with the results. It took about an hour and a half to get everyone through and once they were finished, spent no time in gathering their things and heading east to Andover to continue getting ready near the ceremony site.
In the meantime Barry headed east to meet the groomsmen while they prepared for the day, they met in the clubhouse of the Flint Hills National Golf Course and chose some dashing suits in lieu of tuxedos. The men spent most of their time relaxing and enjoying watching football! They started their photo session with photographer Tim Davis, who is a long time friend of Tim's family.
When I arrived to the golf course, I grabbed a golf cart and headed to the Dower Lodge on the property to finish up with the ladies getting make up applied by the Maid of Honor, who is a make up artist, it worked out perfectly! The lodge had a gorgeous view of the ceremony site across a lake to the 10th hole of the course where all the chairs were set up in perfect rows, all 400 of them!
Amanda chose beautiful dresses for the ladies, a gold strapless gown that blended perfectly with the fall colors and surroundings. She chose orange and purple flowers exquisitely done by Walter's Flowers. The flowers were incredble against the ladies gowns. Amanda's dress was found in Denver and was simply amazing. Strapless with material wrapping her in angled layers. And of course Amanda's awesome gold shoes by Jimmy Choo. "We have to have a little Jimmy!" she beamed!
When they were ready, they met Tim Davis for photographs and then had a private moment with just her groom prior to the ceremony. This set up was perfect as they were able to get all of the photos of bridal party and family completed before the ceremony so they had time to visit with hundreds of guests at the reception later.
Guests arrived signing cards of well wishes in place of a guest book and were served water, lemonaid or champagne as they waited for the ceremony to start. At 4pm, the ceremony started with a string quartet playing in the background as the bride made her way down the path to the 10th hole with her father. Everyone was all smiles as Bishop Eugene Gerber began the ceremony. He jokingly stated towards the sky "I asked for a gentle breeze!" as a few gusts of wind carried the brides veil in gentle cirlces. The ceremony was an abbreviated Mass and Tim and Amanda were soon announced as husband and wife. They wasted no time heading back to the lodge to witness the signing of the marriage certicifate while guests were escorted to their cars via golf carts. Everyone was instructed to then head to the Wichita Country Club for cocktail hour.
At the country club we set up with DJ Scott Ward from Accent Mobile Music getting the run down for the evening and a special surprise that Amanda had planned for Tim. When the bride and groom arrived in their classic car Scott had the guests clear a path from the main entrance to the grand hall for them to enter. He announced that the bride and groom had arrived and welcomed them with the help of "Tim's favorite band". A snare drum started it off and the K-State Marching Band entered the Hall at the same time as the newlyweds! Tim had the biggest smile on his face and guests were singing the K-State theme song. The band played 3 songs for the bride and groom before they mingled with guests and had some great toasts from their bridal party and fathers.
With Amanda's strong ties to family, dinner was served family style at the guests tables consisting of her favortie, Italian. There was not an official bridal cake, keeping with the theme of family and friends, each table had their own cake to share at their tables. Also for dessert was Tim's favorite, Squeaks donuts and milk.
The couple enjoyed their first dance and dances with their parents as their guests circled them in the grand hall and the party was officially started! Guests enjoyed the night visiting with the couple and were sent away with a treat of late night cookies and milk. We stayed until the couple left at nearly midnight, still smiling. The couple will be spending their honeymoon in Italy but at a later date due to committments with the family business. We know they will have a wonderful time!
Thank you Tim and Amanda, and your families, for allowing us the honor to spend one of the most important days of your life with you! The day was perfect. We have enjoyed getting to know you. It is obvioius you are loved and cared for by many people and we know there are great things in store for you in the future. Thank you for making our last official hurrah simply the best!
Click the video below to see the wedding day prequel!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Prequel Finally Online!

We apologize again for the delay in posting the latest prequel. Hilary and Nicholas have been so patient with my schedule its not even funny :) Thank you! Please enjoy the much anticipated Dopfel Wedding Prequel by scrolling down or clicking the following link As always let us know what you think! Just two more to come!!! SG

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Costello- Leestma 9-4-2010

This past weekend, the 4th of September, we had the pleasure of spending our second to last wedding with Andrea and Scott. It didn't see much like work except for carrying around the equipment from place to place. Andrea and Scotts parents made us feel so welcome and part of the family, it was quite a treat to spend the day with everyone!

I started the day with Andrea and her bridesmaids getting ready at the church downtown, St. Mary's Cathedral. It didn't take Andrea long to decide to get into her gown so she could get pictures taken and get down the aisle to her groom! She looked fabulous- what else?! She came in with her hair perfect in an updo and splashes of small sequined flowers accenting the style. She had the most amazing veil in place, cathedral length and trailing the ground, I had to be careful not to step on it and yank it out of her head! Her dress was a gorgeous ivory, strapless with embelishments across the waist and an easy zippered back that fit her like a glove. She borrowed stunning diamond jewelry from one of the bridesmaids and her grandmother presented her with the something old; a cameo ring that she wore at her wedding, as well as the brides mother and now the bride. A tradition they hoped to continue.

Barry spent some time in the morning with Scott and the groomsmen at the Hyatt downtown. It also took no time at all for the men to get ready and head to the church to get pictures. Classic black tuxes was the attire. Their photographer Amy Stevens from Lola Jo Photo Design and she got as many shots beforehand as she could. You can check out her website and blog here We did have a great time hanging out and sharing a few laughs! We'll post a few pics of Amy's very soon! (I'm having some uploading issues, so check out Amy's blog in the meantime!!!)

In no time, it was time to get the wedding started, all cameras rolling, the main door to the church opened as the crowd rose to their feet to welcome Andrea and her father into the church.

This was the first time Scott was able to see his bride all day. They celebrated a full catholic mass and were soon announced as husband and wife, making their way out the main doors as husband and wife. Guests lined up outside the church to wish them well as they left on one of the red city trolleys.

The couple returned discreetly to the church to finish up bridal party portraits and made a quick stop at the Keeper of the Plains as Barry and I gathered equipment and went to set up at the Hyatt for the reception and party. Guests relaxed with cocktail hour as I followed Amy down to the river with the couple for a few quick shots- what fun we had with the Kansas wind and that amazing veil!

Again, all too soon after they were announced into the reception with roaring applause by Adam Bontrager of Accent Mobile Music- they made their way to the cake and cupcake table for the festivities and their first toast. A fabulous dinner followed, as well as the formal toasts by bridal party and a surprise toast from the father of the bride. They chose to dance with their parents first before dancing together as husband and wife and then invited the bridal party to the dance floor to kick off the party. Once the few brave souls let go of the initial shyness, the party was a hoot and everyone had an absolutely great time. Many fun requests had me wanting to join in the dancing through the night. A particularly fun song I enjoyed was the tribute to Scotts family from Ohio and Ohio State University sung to the tune of "Hang on Sloopy- O- H- I -O!"

We are extremely jealous that the couple will be spending thier honeymoon in Jamaica, but it is well deserved for a well deserving couple! We thank you for allowing us to spend such an important and special day with you, we feel like we were treated like family and that makes it that much more special. We hope we get to know you both better in the future, congratulations and good luck!
Click below to see the wedding day prequel. "Sunny Day", a perfect day to fall in love! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Changing Times....

Well everyone, it has been a whirlwind for us here at Fat Cat over the last 8 years. We 'officially' began our business back in 2002 but had been doing video work for longer than that. We started out Part Time making "extra money" on the side until the workload got to be so big that we took the business Full Time, trading it in from my employment as a Paramedic after 14 years. What a change that was! We shared a beautiful studio with T&J Studios in Valley Center for almost 2 years...then, economic times changed in the world and we again had to move our business back to Part Time and I had to regain Full Time employment elsewhere back in the medical community.

This lead to another path- I started Nursing School earlier this year and am excited for it to be done at years end! But now the time has come for a change- again. We have been receiving quite a few emails and phone calls lately inquiring about our availability to film weddings in the 2011 season. As much as we have thoroughly enjoyed our time filming weddings and meeting SO MANY wonderful brides and grooms and their families, we have had to make a difficult decision for our business. With our change in our Full Time employment status this year and coming this December/January as well, Fat Cat currently will not be accepting any 2011 weddings at this time. We will still continue with our love for filming and cinematography by completing Love Stories for the wedding day and Baby Stories (a few of which are in the works currently for this fall) and other smaller projects such as our recent work with the Fire Department, local schools and Hutchinson Community College Paramedic Program.

There were several reasons behind this decision and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause to our "future" brides we have not had the pleasure of even meeting! We have a few more weddings this year to attend with some awesome brides still, so a few more prequels to come for you to enjoy in the wedding department. We hope to share other work with you in the future as the business takes on a new change. It has been a huge part of our lives and we are not sure where new roads will lead us, only time will tell. Steph

Monday, August 09, 2010

Meister- Dopfel !!!

This past weekend, on the 7th of August, we were able to spend the day with Hilary and Nicholas for their wedding. The day not only went by in a blur for the couple, but for Fat Cat as well! We first met up with the bride and groom at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to film the preparations. The bride was running slightly late, but I truly have never seen anyone as relaxed and calm as she was when shortened on time. No concerns, no worries, no stress. Even when asked about all the traditional new, old, borrowed and blue items, she realized she had nothing old or borrowed. She simply replied "I'm not worried, I doubt it will curse me". Not a care in the world! She was ready to be married and ready to go! I believe she was ready in record time as well wearing a striking Maggie Sattero gown from Uniquely You Bridal. Strapless, lace up back, with a short lace train and embelishments across a belted waist and simple and elegant tiara with veil. The ladies wore classic black strapless gowns with lace overlay on the bodice. Barry spent his time with the groom and groomsmen making sure that the couple did not run into each other prior to the ceremony! They took as many photos as time allowed for separately before the ceremony.
At 2pm the doors to the back of the church swung open to welcome Hilary and her Dad into the sanctuary for the ceremony in front of approximately 150 friends and family. The mothers of the couple shared readings, and Fr. Mainzer from Newton was the officiant, being a long time friend of the family. It was a full mass to celebrate their new life together and the couple left with guests blowing bubbles on their way to the stretch limo.
We then met up with the couple again at the reception hall, Tallgrass Country Club that was beautifully decorated with Hilary's colors of a maroon, pink and black. A very awesome color scheme I might add! Chairs were adorned with chair covers and at the head table, they were embroidered with "Mr. and Mrs. Dopfel". The couple snuck away after arriving to grab some quick photos on the golf course before being introduced into the room as husband and wife! They were truly happy and enjoyed greeting all their guests. The cake was amazing as well and the grooms cake was simply cool as cool gets, a small airplane with the tail numbers of the grooms actual plane! Very cool.
After dinner, the couple shared their first dance together which was beautifully choreographed- the crowd went wild! Great job guys! The remainder of the night included toasts, parents dances, the boquet and garter tosses and just plain fun. It was alot of fun to hang out with Nicholas and Hilary and we wish them all the happiness and joy that can come their way to do so!
Check out their wedding day prequel below! Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Prequel Uploaded!

Our newest Prequel is now online for Bibi and Wade. You can check it out by scrolling down to their entry or clicking here to go directly to their page. Leave your comments and enjoy! A few Fall weddings are yet to be shot, we are excited to share them with you as well in the coming months! SG

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Totally GAGA Prequel Now Online!!!!

Check out Veronica and Mike's Prequel now online by scrolling below or clicking on thier link here!
Enjoy and be sure to tell us what you think!!! Steph

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Riley- McLaen Prequel (FINALLY) Online Now!

Sorry everyone with the delay in prequels, school is taking its toll on me this summer obviously, thanks to my kickin' brides and grooms who continue to be patient for me! You're the best! So now without further adu, Chris and Cassie's Prequel can now be viewed by scrolling below to their post and/or using the following direct link.
Enjoy! Up next Holtz Wedding and the Papparazzi!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bibi & Wade 6-12 -2010

This past weekend was great! Bibi contacted Fat Cat over a year ago prior to us leaving our Valley Center studio during a spring Open House. She secured her date shortly after and we have looked forward to the day ever since. Bibi's lineage is Laotian and we were excited to see some of her traditions on the wedding day.
I started with Bibi at The Bee Hive Salon in northeast Wichita where she met her bridesmaids and worked out any last minute nerves. This quickly subsided as she had a great time with her friends and they made her feel c omfortable and she was soon ready for the day she had planned for so far in advance. Bibi's hair looked fabulous, tons of curls, updo plus a variety of veils for the day. He was also very happy with the bridesmaids hair by the great staff at Bee Hive. I later met up with Bibi at St. Thomas Aquinas for her to get dressed with the rest of the ladies.
She had chosen a gorgeous fitted white gown by Kinney Chen that fit like a glove. The ladies wore dark chocolate dresses and had accent floral arrangements of reds, orange and white mixed flowers with my new favorite flower, monkeys tail! Very cool.
The groom arrived ready with his groomsmen and everyone got right after photos, as the bride and groom chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony- they wanted the element of surprise.
The ceremony started on-time and everything was perfect, processional, readings, vows and the pronouncement. They chose not to have a full mass. The couple hired Sublett Photography for the day and Carol and Amber were fun to work with, they took the newlyweds downtown for a portrait session before the reception. We went ahead to the receptioin to set up and wait for their arrival in the limo.
The reception was held downtown with Jubilations Events planning a good portion of the day and decorating beautifully, with the help of some gorgeous blue and white uplighting by DJ Another Dimension. Ladies, uplighting is definitely the way to go if you want to set a both romantic, relaxed and fun mood. Lights change everything! It was great!
The couple entered to thunderous applause and promptly cut the cake, as it was iced with coolwhip and the fear of icing melting was a factor in the warm weather, but all was well! (And yummy). The cake was at least 8 different flavors for guests to enjoy. The couple shared two first dances, a traditional as well as taking a moment for Bibi to change into her Laotian traditional gown for another first dance. The couple then were able to greet all their guests table by table and share in a shot of Hennesey! Laotian music played in the background for all guests and it was truly beautiful. Later, the bride changed back into the contemporary gown and danced the night away. Boy did they dance! It was a great party! The photo booth by Photobooths4fun was a HUGE hit as well.
We had a great time, everyone did. To Wade and Bibi, thank you so much for letting us share the day with you, we appreciate it and the opportunity to get to know you better. We wish you every happiness in your new married life! Click below to view the wedding day prequel, a classic style with classic film filters. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Davis- Holtz Wedding

This past weekend we spent the day with Veronica and Mike. Veronica is a meteorologist with NOAA and Mike is in the US Air Force, what a pair! We had a great day. I started at the downtown Hyatt documenting the ladies getting ready for the day with hair and make up. The ladies made Veronica feel right at home and there were absolutely no pre-wedding jitters! Everything went according to plan! The bridesmaids wore dark purple gowns while Veronica chose a stunning strapless Maggie Soterro with a mermaid fit and the perfect amount of embellishments and lace. Everyone looked awesome which matched the groomsmen's uniforms, all of which were in the Air Force with Mike.
After separate photo sessions with photographer Tim Davis, the couple headed to the ballroom for the ceremony. Family and friends came to town from all over the US to witness their vows and it was a full house with about 150 guests in attendance. The grooms Uncle presided over the ceremony and was a very personal touch. Two special readings were included in the ceremony, one of which I especially enjoyed from Dr. Seuss. I love this couple!
Without any hesitation, the vows were exchanged and the couple was soon announced as husband and wife with the groomsmen leaving ahead of the couple. They re-entered the ballroom as the Honor Guard with swords raised above the couple as they left. Of course, they had to be trapped for the traditional kiss and swatting of the bride's backside with a sword as they left!
A cocktail hour followed while the wedding party braved the heat and humidity for photos and then entered the reception hall with one of the best wedding party intros I've seen in some time. As the Black Eyed Peas "I've got a Feelin" played in the background, each couple came in dancing of course followed by the lucky couple. They all finished the song dancing wildly on the dance floor to start the party!
All the usual traditions followed, first dance, parents dances, cutting of cake, toasts, and of course boquet and garter toss. It was one heck of a party, one I cannot compare to in quite some time- everyone was having the time of their lives.
The couple will be spending their honeymoon in Hawaii, you lucky dogs! :) We wish them every happiness in their new life in Texas, you both are the best and we enjoyed spending the day with you and getting to know you immensely! Thank you for having us!

Check out all the fun everyone had below- I told ya they were a cool couple! :) (And thanks to Tim Davis for letting us poke a little fun at the "Paparazzi", too!

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Prequel Online!

Scroll down to check out the Neises-Goebel Prequel below! Thanks to the Goebels for their patience with our busy month with school and congrats to Elisabeth on graduation from Nursing School as well! You're the best! Coming soon, the McLaen prequel, stay tuned!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reily- McLaen Wedding

Last week we spent the day in Caldwell, Kansas with Cassie and Chris for a great wedding! We first met Cassie and Chris last fall while shooting their Love Story. It was a complete blast and we got to know the couple well, we had lots in common with each other, the same friends and interests and all around just had a great time! They waited a long 5 years for the wedding day and they were ready to go!!!
I met Cassie at the local salon on Main street to have her hair fixed. Chris sent her flowers and a card stating he could not wait to see her later that day! Her bridesmaids, friends and family came and went to say hello and make sure there were no last minute plans they could help with. When Cassie was done, she of course looked stunning and I couldn't wait to see the dress. I hopped a ride with the bride in her car back to her house down the street while Barry and the photographer, the completely awesome Tim Davis, tried to track down the groomsmen to no avail! :) So while they set up at the church for the upcoming photo session, Cassie and I went to her house so she could get dressed.
Cassie wasted no time and was in her dress I think in record time that I have seen in 8 years of filming weddings. She had a very form fitting dress that opened up loosely near the knees with a short classy train. The lace overlay gave it a traditional feel. Now, the lacing up the back took a little more time! The family dogs had to come by for a visit. Cassie was completely relaxed and a few mintes later, I again hopped a ride with her and the flower girls in her car to get to the church.
Chris and Cassie wanted to see each other prior to the ceremony to finish as many photos as possible so they had more time to enjoy the party and visit with guests afterwards. So Tim set up a nice meeting in the church of the bride and groom alone. When Chris saw Cassie for the first time, he said, and I quote, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world, aren't I?" YES CHRIS YOU ARE!
Shortly after some photos, time flew by very quickly and the ceremony was underway almost before we were prepared to film!
I do believe that was also a record for a Catholic ceremony. I must say Chris and Cassie have to be the most laid back, best sports I've seen in quite some time when the priest called them by the wrong names at one point! Which became the big joke of the day...
So after "Charles and Kathy" had their first kiss as man and wife, it was definitely time to celebrate! They ushered out all guests row by row to be able to thank everyone who came. Then everyone lined up outside in the beautiful weather with bubbles to wish them well as they drove away in Chris' truck, appropriately decorated with balloons and the traditional beer cans being drug behind them!
They made their fake getaway, came back to the church for just a few photos by Tim before I got to hop a ride with Tim and follow the entire bridal party (all in the back of Chris' pick up) to a nearby wheat field and other places for photos. It was appropriate as Chris is a custom cutter by trade in the family business and spends much time on farms and in the country.
Then off to the reception where the bridal party received a grand entrance by Ryan of Absolute Sound DJ Entertainment. They cut the cake, had a wonderful dinner and had the first public screening of the McLaen Love Story on the big screen. Chris and Cassie received many compliments on their story as many of their friends and family were unsure how they met and fell in love. Too fun!
Then they shared in all the traditional dances and events during the reception. They had a wonderful time visiting with everyone who came to show their love and support. There were many family members from out of town as Chris hails from the Dakotas.
Click below to see what fun everyone had in the McLaen's Prequel!! Congratulations Chris and Cassie!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Neises - Goebel

Last week we had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth and Curtis. What a fun day! We were slightly out of practice with a slow start to our shooting year, but we made it happen! I started the day by meeting Elisabeth and the bridesmaids at the salon in west Wichita to get updo's and make up done before the big events of the day. It was a very nice relaxing time. It was good to visit with Elisabeth and get to know her a little better. It was also fun as the entire bridal party were nurses or ready to graduate nursing school! With Barry and I and the entire wedding party and other guests, everyone was in good hands at this wedding!!! It didn't take long for the brides hair to be complete, tiara in place and ready to roll. Although we cannot say the same for the precious flower girl whose gorgeous hair took 3 whole hours to complete! Then it was off to make sure all the equipment was accounted for and we met Elisabeth at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to finish get ready.
Elisabeth wore classic white, strapless gown with a beaded and pleated bodice, and skirt that wrapped and gathered at one side of her waist. Layers of toule with embelishments peeked through below, very cool... The ladies wore two different shades of strapless blue tea length dresses to match the flowers and color scheme chosen for the day, very summer like and fun!
Although the bride and groom chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony, the photographer, Tony from GS Memory Maker, set up the couple on either side of the chapel door where they could talk and hold hands but not see each other.
At 2 o'clock, the doors to the church opened and Elisabeth and her father walked into the sanctuary filled with about 300 of their closest family and friends. They celebrated a full Mass prior to running off in the trolley and to Old Town for pictures with Tony.
Fat Cat high tailed it to the reception hall at St. Peters in Schulte and readied all our equipment for the nights party.
Complete Music then announced the bridal party into the room to the roar of the crowd. Traditional events followed with dinner, a slide show, toasts, and cutting of cake. The wedding cake was gorgeous with shades of blue flowers to match the boquets and dresses. We'll let Elisabeth share the secret about the cake... The couple's first dance was partially choreographed and they did a great job, probably because Elisabeth changed into her pink street shoes! Sweet!
What a great night, Curtis wore a big smile the whole night and it is apparent they are both made for one another.
Congratulations on your marriage and the new job! What a great way to start your life together! Enjoy your trip this summer, you completely deserve it! Best of luck to both of you- stay tuned in the coming weeks for Curtis and Elisabeth's prequel!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blush Bride and Fat Cat!!

We are excited to announce that Fat Cat Productions is one of the newest members of Blush Brides! Go to to check out all the awesome vendors if you or someone you know is planning an upcoming wedding! Specials for Blush Bride Members to help you plan and save money! We are all into that right!? Check out the Blush Bride Launch Party as well! Fat Cat will be there to document! Come join the fun! Psst! PASS IT ON!!!!!!!

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One More Prequel Online Now!

The Tucker/Kramer Prequel is now finally online! We are caught up on prequels and now working feverishly to get more weddings out before spring! You can check out the prequel here or you can scroll down to the Tuckers entry below. Enjoy! SG

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Pequel Online Now!

We are slowly catching up in the prequel queue! The Hathaway wedding day prequel is finally online! You can scroll down to see it or click here! Lend us your comments, we love to hear from you! (Comments may take several minutes to load online). In the meantime, see that link to your right that says "subscribe"? Yup, click on that to enter your email address and whenever we update the blog, you will receive an email in the morning to let you know- no releasing your email to others, no annoying solicitations either :) Go ahead. You know you want to! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Thanks to all the past and future brides who came out with friends or family to the bridal show this weekend, what fun! It was great to see you! Unfortunately no one claimed the Facebook/Social Networking special, but the bridal Show special is still running for a few weeks. 15% off wedding movie packages. Our year is filling up with shooting dates and a limited number of available weekends, so do not delay! If we are unavailable for your date, don't fet- we can still do Love Stories, Bridal Elegance ideos, etc for your big day! Give us a holla!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


The 2010 Bridal and Prom Expo doors just opened! Come down and see us! Through the magic of social networking we are offering an incredible special....check out the FAT CAT ROCKS Fan page on Facebook for the details!!! You don't want to miss this one! (TRUST ME!) Be the first to tell us what the special is and book your 2010 wedding and be on your way to an incredible memory of your wedding day with Fat Cat for an incredible price!!!! See you there!!!

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New Prequel Online!

The McCurry/Krol prequel is now online as of last night! You can scroll to their entry or click here for the link! It was a great day for Cori and Noah- check it out! Be sure to let us know what you think! Again, Enjoy! (More to come!!!)

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Prequel Online!

Another prequel is online now! (We are playing catch up!) The Pippin Prequel is the newest upload for you to enjoy! Be sure to comment and let us know what you think- you can find the prequel by clicking here or scrolling down to the Pippin's blog entry. Enjoy! More to come!

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year!!!

Happy New Year!
We hope this wish finds you all well after a great Holiday Season celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with your friends and family. We have enjoyed working with each and every bride and groom this last year! We are so lucky to mesh with such wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to be a part of their big day!
The New Year brings many new opportunities this year and we'd like to share just a few things that have been going on here with you...
With the Holidays we are still working on catching up on a few prequels to post from November and December of '09, bear with us just a little bit and we'll get these posted ASAP!
The most recent news is the Bridal Fair coming up FAST on January 9th and 10th at Century II. We will be on the entry aisle along the wall, booth #5 so come and see us! We will be handing out our demo DVD for those who have not made the final decision to hire a videographer yet. For those that have, tell your friends! It's $7.50 for a one day pass or $11 for both days if you don't get all your shopping done in one day. A great value in the scheme of wedding planning!
We also wanted to let everyone know that we have been very happy over the years with our business growing from a "side"/part time job to a full time and professional income. But the last few years we have taken on new projects in life and we are now back to a part time, but professional venture! We are taking only a limited number of events in 2010. So if you have had friends who have showed an interest in having Fat Cat videotape their wedding day, pass the word on. We book only one wedding per day on a first come-first serve basis. We already have a handful of events planned for 2010 and with our newly limited availability, wedding slots are filling fast!
For those that are unable to book us for the wedding day itself, don't forget about those one of a kind videos shot ahead of time that are GREAT hits at the reception- We will still be available for LOVE STORIES, BRIDAL ELEGANCE VIDEOS or SAVE THE DATE VIDEOS, BRIDAL PARTY MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEO SPOOFS (or anything you can dream up! We get awesome ideas from brides and grooms!) even if you cannot make the wedding day video work.
Or even after the wedding day, consider an eXtreme session or Trash The Dress Session. Baby Stories and Birth Announcements are also becoming popular.
If you have been hinting at that special someone to pop the question, or know someone who will be.... don't forget to ask us to VIDEO TAPE THE PROPOSAL. What an awesome addition to your upcoming wedding video! Tell the WHOLE story. We can concoct any good ole fashioned story up with the grooms, even hide a wireless mic to capture it ALL ! Call us! (Or just send him this link....)
We have been very blessed the last year with wonderful friends and brides, a new dog (Murphy), starting our nursing school careers and more, we hope this new year continues to bless you all with love, health and happiness. Steph

New Prequel Online!

Happy New Year! The Winter- Hanson Wedding Prequel is now online! You can view it by scrolling down to their blog entry or clicking here. Be sure to tell us what you think and leave your comments for the bride and groom!!! Enjoy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tucker/Kramer Wedding

One word describes our day with Gary and Jazmine yesterday- Wow! It was a great day. We met Gary and Jazmine this past summer while they planned their wedding party and reception. The two were already married and wanted to have a big celebration for all their friends and family. We were honored to be a part of it.
I met Jazmine at Don Michael Bannon Salon downtown where she and the ladies were given fabulous hair styles and make up for the day. Don gave them updos with a similar styling to look fabulous for the photos and video. Everyone was stunning. After a fun and relaxed morning, the ladies met back up with me at the Wichita Marriott to get dressed for the day. Jazmine chose a gorgeous blue for her color. She wore a classic white strapless gown with my favorite souffle skirt and a dark navy blue ribbon wrapping around her waist. The bridesmaids wore matching navy blue strapless gowns. The flowers were a wintery light blue and complimented the dresses quite beautifully. Jazmine isn't the biggest flower fan and saved her budget for other things of "something blue"! (Read further).
As the two were already married and the wedding being an evening event, they chose to see each other before the ceremony. Her photographer, Tim Davis, set up a great place in the hotel lobby for them to meet and share a special moment together then knock out the traditional photos prior to the ceremony. But this photo session was quite fun and not-so traditional!
In the meantime, Jubilations Events were putting the finishing touches on the ceremony and reception rooms, turning them into a white and blue winter wonderland. Scott Ward from AMM DJ Service added the last blast of color with 20 different sets of LED uplighting filling both rooms! The lighting itself really was a centerpiece. Absolutely stunning. Stunning + Gorgeous= Wow.
6 pm fast approached and Jazmine made her way down the aisle with her father to meet Gary. They reaffirmed their vows, shared a unity sand ceremony and a comical early kiss as husband and wife! The ceremony was short and to the point as the couple wanted to spend their time with friends and enjoy time at the reception.
Tim, the Jubilatoins staff, Scott, and Fat Cat all had a chance to take pictures of the reception hall prior to the guests entering during the cocktail hour (a rarity for us) and everyone was just in awe. The bride and groom got a first sneak peak as well. Then the guests entered and you could read their lips "Oh wow!"
The room was completely transformed with white draperies and table linens, white chair covers with light blue sashes, white table tops trees with irridescent crystals and votive candles hanging in them, drapereies framing the dance floor with uplighting and several other white and blue decor touches. The bridal party entered and the bride and groom got right to it and cut the cake, started the buffet line and moved right into their first dances.
The night was a fantasy come to life, we cannot wait to show you the pictures from Tim and the prequel in a few weeks.
Thank you Jazmine and Gary, we had a great time spending the day with you. It was a great day, and it is obvious you are loved by many! Good luck to you on your new life in California and enjoy the Vegas vacation!