Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Costello- Leestma 9-4-2010

This past weekend, the 4th of September, we had the pleasure of spending our second to last wedding with Andrea and Scott. It didn't see much like work except for carrying around the equipment from place to place. Andrea and Scotts parents made us feel so welcome and part of the family, it was quite a treat to spend the day with everyone!

I started the day with Andrea and her bridesmaids getting ready at the church downtown, St. Mary's Cathedral. It didn't take Andrea long to decide to get into her gown so she could get pictures taken and get down the aisle to her groom! She looked fabulous- what else?! She came in with her hair perfect in an updo and splashes of small sequined flowers accenting the style. She had the most amazing veil in place, cathedral length and trailing the ground, I had to be careful not to step on it and yank it out of her head! Her dress was a gorgeous ivory, strapless with embelishments across the waist and an easy zippered back that fit her like a glove. She borrowed stunning diamond jewelry from one of the bridesmaids and her grandmother presented her with the something old; a cameo ring that she wore at her wedding, as well as the brides mother and now the bride. A tradition they hoped to continue.

Barry spent some time in the morning with Scott and the groomsmen at the Hyatt downtown. It also took no time at all for the men to get ready and head to the church to get pictures. Classic black tuxes was the attire. Their photographer Amy Stevens from Lola Jo Photo Design and she got as many shots beforehand as she could. You can check out her website and blog here We did have a great time hanging out and sharing a few laughs! We'll post a few pics of Amy's very soon! (I'm having some uploading issues, so check out Amy's blog in the meantime!!!)

In no time, it was time to get the wedding started, all cameras rolling, the main door to the church opened as the crowd rose to their feet to welcome Andrea and her father into the church.

This was the first time Scott was able to see his bride all day. They celebrated a full catholic mass and were soon announced as husband and wife, making their way out the main doors as husband and wife. Guests lined up outside the church to wish them well as they left on one of the red city trolleys.

The couple returned discreetly to the church to finish up bridal party portraits and made a quick stop at the Keeper of the Plains as Barry and I gathered equipment and went to set up at the Hyatt for the reception and party. Guests relaxed with cocktail hour as I followed Amy down to the river with the couple for a few quick shots- what fun we had with the Kansas wind and that amazing veil!

Again, all too soon after they were announced into the reception with roaring applause by Adam Bontrager of Accent Mobile Music- they made their way to the cake and cupcake table for the festivities and their first toast. A fabulous dinner followed, as well as the formal toasts by bridal party and a surprise toast from the father of the bride. They chose to dance with their parents first before dancing together as husband and wife and then invited the bridal party to the dance floor to kick off the party. Once the few brave souls let go of the initial shyness, the party was a hoot and everyone had an absolutely great time. Many fun requests had me wanting to join in the dancing through the night. A particularly fun song I enjoyed was the tribute to Scotts family from Ohio and Ohio State University sung to the tune of "Hang on Sloopy- O- H- I -O!"

We are extremely jealous that the couple will be spending thier honeymoon in Jamaica, but it is well deserved for a well deserving couple! We thank you for allowing us to spend such an important and special day with you, we feel like we were treated like family and that makes it that much more special. We hope we get to know you both better in the future, congratulations and good luck!
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