Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reily- McLaen Wedding

Last week we spent the day in Caldwell, Kansas with Cassie and Chris for a great wedding! We first met Cassie and Chris last fall while shooting their Love Story. It was a complete blast and we got to know the couple well, we had lots in common with each other, the same friends and interests and all around just had a great time! They waited a long 5 years for the wedding day and they were ready to go!!!
I met Cassie at the local salon on Main street to have her hair fixed. Chris sent her flowers and a card stating he could not wait to see her later that day! Her bridesmaids, friends and family came and went to say hello and make sure there were no last minute plans they could help with. When Cassie was done, she of course looked stunning and I couldn't wait to see the dress. I hopped a ride with the bride in her car back to her house down the street while Barry and the photographer, the completely awesome Tim Davis, tried to track down the groomsmen to no avail! :) So while they set up at the church for the upcoming photo session, Cassie and I went to her house so she could get dressed.
Cassie wasted no time and was in her dress I think in record time that I have seen in 8 years of filming weddings. She had a very form fitting dress that opened up loosely near the knees with a short classy train. The lace overlay gave it a traditional feel. Now, the lacing up the back took a little more time! The family dogs had to come by for a visit. Cassie was completely relaxed and a few mintes later, I again hopped a ride with her and the flower girls in her car to get to the church.
Chris and Cassie wanted to see each other prior to the ceremony to finish as many photos as possible so they had more time to enjoy the party and visit with guests afterwards. So Tim set up a nice meeting in the church of the bride and groom alone. When Chris saw Cassie for the first time, he said, and I quote, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world, aren't I?" YES CHRIS YOU ARE!
Shortly after some photos, time flew by very quickly and the ceremony was underway almost before we were prepared to film!
I do believe that was also a record for a Catholic ceremony. I must say Chris and Cassie have to be the most laid back, best sports I've seen in quite some time when the priest called them by the wrong names at one point! Which became the big joke of the day...
So after "Charles and Kathy" had their first kiss as man and wife, it was definitely time to celebrate! They ushered out all guests row by row to be able to thank everyone who came. Then everyone lined up outside in the beautiful weather with bubbles to wish them well as they drove away in Chris' truck, appropriately decorated with balloons and the traditional beer cans being drug behind them!
They made their fake getaway, came back to the church for just a few photos by Tim before I got to hop a ride with Tim and follow the entire bridal party (all in the back of Chris' pick up) to a nearby wheat field and other places for photos. It was appropriate as Chris is a custom cutter by trade in the family business and spends much time on farms and in the country.
Then off to the reception where the bridal party received a grand entrance by Ryan of Absolute Sound DJ Entertainment. They cut the cake, had a wonderful dinner and had the first public screening of the McLaen Love Story on the big screen. Chris and Cassie received many compliments on their story as many of their friends and family were unsure how they met and fell in love. Too fun!
Then they shared in all the traditional dances and events during the reception. They had a wonderful time visiting with everyone who came to show their love and support. There were many family members from out of town as Chris hails from the Dakotas.
Click below to see what fun everyone had in the McLaen's Prequel!! Congratulations Chris and Cassie!


courtney said...

That was awesome!!! You guys did a great job!!! So happy for Cassie and Chris!

Marcie said...

What a great keepsake for an awesome couple!! Congrats!!!

Jon Mclaen said...

That was "Sweeter than YooHoo".

Mom Kim said...

Charles & Kathy...I mean... Chris & Cass
I love it! Have probably shared it with 1/2 million people! Love you guys!

Kevin Lutz said...

Wow, Very Very nicely done, it made me smile it made me cry someone was smiling from above too. What an incredible keepsake to look back on from time to time. Everyday should be this fun.

Kevin Lutz said...

Wow, Very Very nicely done, it made me smile it made me cry someone was smiling from above too. What an incredible keepsake to look back on from time to time. Everyday should be this fun.