Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Changing Times....

Well everyone, it has been a whirlwind for us here at Fat Cat over the last 8 years. We 'officially' began our business back in 2002 but had been doing video work for longer than that. We started out Part Time making "extra money" on the side until the workload got to be so big that we took the business Full Time, trading it in from my employment as a Paramedic after 14 years. What a change that was! We shared a beautiful studio with T&J Studios in Valley Center for almost 2 years...then, economic times changed in the world and we again had to move our business back to Part Time and I had to regain Full Time employment elsewhere back in the medical community.

This lead to another path- I started Nursing School earlier this year and am excited for it to be done at years end! But now the time has come for a change- again. We have been receiving quite a few emails and phone calls lately inquiring about our availability to film weddings in the 2011 season. As much as we have thoroughly enjoyed our time filming weddings and meeting SO MANY wonderful brides and grooms and their families, we have had to make a difficult decision for our business. With our change in our Full Time employment status this year and coming this December/January as well, Fat Cat currently will not be accepting any 2011 weddings at this time. We will still continue with our love for filming and cinematography by completing Love Stories for the wedding day and Baby Stories (a few of which are in the works currently for this fall) and other smaller projects such as our recent work with the Fire Department, local schools and Hutchinson Community College Paramedic Program.

There were several reasons behind this decision and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause to our "future" brides we have not had the pleasure of even meeting! We have a few more weddings this year to attend with some awesome brides still, so a few more prequels to come for you to enjoy in the wedding department. We hope to share other work with you in the future as the business takes on a new change. It has been a huge part of our lives and we are not sure where new roads will lead us, only time will tell. Steph

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Anonymous said...

bummer....we will miss you and Barry! you are both so amazing and talented, there are none better than you two and your talent for catching the right moments is truly a gift. sad for me that you will not be showing much more of your beautiful bridal prequels - they are the best i have ever seen. wish you all the best in the future, God bless you both.